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Help a Woman, Help a Family

Women's Initiative International began in 2018 with the mission of freeing women from the shackles of poverty and empowering them to unleash their creativity and God-given talents to make the world a more beautiful place. Our program launched in the Nyabisindu area of beautiful Kigali, Rwanda with 15 women. Under the loving guidance of our country director Susan Sanyu and the artistic direction of national award-winning designer Divine Niyigena, the women thrived and discovered their passion for creating beautiful artisan products. As their self-esteem grew, so did their joy, and ultimately their craftsmanship.

Today our pioneer class of women has graduated from trainees to full-fledged partners in delivering top-quality home goods and accessories straight to your door- no trip to Rwanda needed! Under the new direction of country director Maureen Nirere, our ladies continue to thrive and create the fashionable products that you see right here in our online boutique. Every unique product is created by a woman with a painful past, who now experiences a life of hope. When you purchase our artisan products, you are supporting a woman, her family, and a dream for a better future.

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