Women's Initiative International works with impoverished women around the world to train in trade, build confidence and partner with them to sell artisan products.


In Women's Initiative International, we:

  • Partner with 15 women, helping to positively affect the lives of 45 children they care for

  • Give 100% of our sales back to our women for their personal income, material and business needs

  • Make quality items that take one week to make (small baskets) and others up to a month to finish (large planters)

  • Use all locally found bone, fibers and materials to make our products

  • Use vegetable dyes to hand dye our baskets

    We are currently working with the beautiful women of the Nyabisindu area of Kigali, Rwanda.  Hope has been ignited, along with the tools to build a brighter future for their families.  Every purchase made helps to support these women's dreams and provide training for more women to join the trade program.

Delphine (40) is married with 6

children.  Living with turmoil at home has caused stress and

instability for her family.  Working with Women's Initiative has given her hope to be able to provide income for food and tuition for her kids.



A 54 year old genocide survivor, Kampire and her 5 children lost their husband and father during the tragedy.  She is so passionate about giving hope to children in need, which lead her to take on the care of two more children after they were abandoned by their mother.  She enjoys working and sewing for RWI.

Quentine loves to sing and sew.  She is a very bright woman who loves her job with RWI.  She is saving her money to help bring her family out of poverty.  She is so thankful that this opportunity has allowed her to take care of her mother.



Immaculate is a 43 year old mother to six children.  Her vision is to be able to acquire more skills in sewing.  She wants to see her children study in good universities.  She is so happy to produce world class items with WII.

Jacqueline is a 38 year old mother

of 5 who loves the opportunity to work with RWI.  She desires to save enough money for her children to receive better education.



Claudine loves to work and dreams of having her own business one day.  She felt that learning to sew would help her achieve this life-long goal.  She is thrilled to be with RWI and loves serving along side the other women she now calls friends. 

Jacqueline (38) is a mother of 3 boys.  She is married, but due to her husband's declining health, their family deals with much poverty.  Her vision is to be able to send her children to school and save enough money to buy a home and seek the medical help to save her husband.



A 47 widow of 3 children, she is a compassionate hard worker who strives to teach other women how to sew,, even though she struggles with her sight to to her HIV diagnosis.  She hopes to save money to receive medical care for her sight. 

Vuguziga (47) is a genocide survivor and a single mother of 4 kids.  After her husband left her and her children 12 years ago, she was left to provide for her family.  Working for RWI has given her so much happiness and she has been able to move her family in to a better home.


A genocide survivor, Immaculate is a 43 year old mother of 6 children.  She is a hard worker who loves working with RWI to make the best quality products.  She enjoys sewing and improving her skills.



Marie is a 46 year old

single mother of two children.  At a young age, she had to quit school in order to help her family with their agriculture work.  Her desire is to save enough money to create a better life for her children. Her daughter 

Dative is in college studying




Angelic (44) is a single mother of

four children.  Her dream is to be

able to provide her kids with a home.  Her newly trained sewing skills bring her so much joy and because of RWI, the hope of saving for a home has become her reality.


   Kampire is a genocide survivor who lost her husband and 5 children during the genocide. She then had another child and took on caring for two additional children after they were left abandoned on the road.  Singing + 

working with WII gives her

hope and happiness.



Thanks to the Women's Initiative my life has changed in every way. I can now afford to feed my children and I even opened a savings account!

Vuguziga, Artisan Weaver


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